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Islam: submit to it or else.

Hat tip: the full photo article by Michelle Malkin
Militant groups urge violent attack on European nations who allow their citizens a free press.
"Peaceful" religions don't tend to send chills of fear down my spine.

Let me point you to Article IV of the Brussels Treaty, which states:

"If any of the High Contracting Parties should be the object of an armed attack in Europe, the other High Contracting Parties will, in accordance with the provisions of Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations, afford the Party so attacked all the military and other aid and assistance in their power." (HT Kelly Q)

It seems to me that this applies painfully accurately to Norway and Denmark, members of NATO, whose embassies in Syria (and a second Danish one in Beirut) have been stormed and torched. This would be in accordance with the NATO Treaty of Economic, Social and Cultural Collaboration and Collective Self-Defence (the Brussels Treaty) signed by all NATO member-states on March 17, 1948. Embassies in foreign nations are the sovereign territories of the countries they represent. The storming of the embassies is a direct attack upon the soil of both Norway and Denmark.

This is unexcusable, and demands immediate action.
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