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And I should be ashamed for being gay and Republican say my Dem friends??

Well the Dems little messages they held onto just before the election to swing it there way, or so they thought, only goes to show them for the homophobes that they are and that they will spit, stomp, and kick anyone that stands between them and power. Including, that's right, all those homos out there who vote BLUE because they think the Dems really give a shit about gay rights.

First, everybody knows there are gay people, everybody knows there are gay people in the media, hollywood, and yes governement on both sides of the isle. But, because Republicans are such huge, biggots, hate mongers, fear mongers, goodie goodie christians, etc, who hate fags... We (The Dems) will somehow... obtain private messages being sent a gay Republican Congressman who's in his 40's or 50's and a gay former congresional page... and then release those messages to show all the Republican voters how sick and dirty the people they vote for are, they won't go out and vote, and therefore, We (The Dems) will win the election!

By kicking in the balls, pointing fingers and screaming "EWWW DIRTY HOMOS!!" at a group of so-called "minorities" called fags, that we CLAIM to support and fight for. Who would've ever thought that OLDER gay men would be attracted to or try to go after YOUNGER men?

Well I hope any fag out there still feels a warm place in their heart for your precious, phony Dems now, especially after for a possible political game to win them some votes, they point and gays, throw them on the fire screaming, dirty old man, dirty old man, he likes 'em young! EWW! Dirty fags!

You should ask yourself... How would someone ever acquire private, personal messages between citizens of the United States? Do any of you recall the big fit the Dems threw over the "Domestic Spying" policies? Which is false, it isn't a domestic, it's foreign, but that's beside the point. So why aren't the Dems and the ACLU out there screaming and having a fit and filing lawsuits for invasion of privacy and spying??? Because when it's them doing it to try and grasp at votes or at least try to keep Reps from voting, they'll stoop to any level.

Further, these were dated three years ago. Three years! So if the Dems were oh so interested in "protecting the children" *vomits at the hypocracy, I bet Michael Jackson votes Dem* then WHY SIT ON THIS SHIT FOR 3 YEARS??!!! Why? Because we need to wait until the next election cycle (they thought they would win in '04, now they know they're gonna loose since the only thing they're pushing is fear and hate) and spring it right before votes are cast to try and influence the election.

Privacy invaded. Homos pointed at and ridiculed. Feel good yet? Keep reading.

Finally... yesterday we find out, lo-and-behold... the page in question wasn't 16 at the time like the Dems were claiming, no no. The page was 18 at the time, an adult! Rep Foley was 49 at the time. By the way Monica was 22 when she was suckin' old Billy boy who was 51 at the time. The difference? No one asked Mr. Foley if he sent the messages and then he lied about it, no no, it was just released for politics sake, to try and ruin a man and a party, over TEXT MESSAGES. Billy boy was actually boinking ol' Monica and he lied about it. So, a man ruined for the sake of playing a political fag bashing game, all over a lie of how old this page was, over cyber-sex!

Yes folks, cyber-sex... IF THAT. So the freewheeling, all embracing, all accepting, all loving, make love not war, claim to be gay loving Dems, condemn an older man, for sending BARELY naughty text messages to an 18 year old ADULT man. So fucking anybody you want is fine. The President lying about getting a blowjob from some ugly broad is fine. But a gay man sending private text messages to an 18 year odl and jerking off over them isn't ok? Because guess what... these messages have also been shown to have been sent AFTER the 18 year old man was NO LONGER A PAGE.

Yes. This is the GRAND Democratic Party that so many people claim as all loving and embracing and be for all the "little" people. Now we see what they really think about some of those "little" people they claim they fight for. Now we see the extent that they will go and who or what groups they will spit on for their own gain. God bless you for voting your conscience to a party who doesn't give a shit about you.

This man left office without a fight, without arguing, without lawsuits, without anything but an appology to his family, for this to be splaid across the world. Sex for America is still embarrassing when laid on the table not because it's shameful, but because of what people can do to you because of it. I'm more proud by his actions as a gay man and a Republican and more infuriated at how grotesque the Dems are and how blinded so many are because of empty promises.
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