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I see people saying how voters have seen the light by the win by the Dems. While that may be well and good I think the real reasons the same people who voted Republican for the past 14 years and specifically the last two election cycles either didn't vote at all or voted Dem for a couple reasons, none being that they saw the light:

Republican voters are tired of voting for candidates claiming to be Republican/conservatives and acting like liberals. I evidence this statement by the fact that over the past 6 years government spending has skyrocketed as well as expansion, especially in social programs, biggie being the Medicare part D fiasco and the education expansion with Bush and Teddy shaking hands for the cameras.

Instead of doing what Republican voters expect Republican politicians to do, namely: Decrease spending, cut taxes, decrease the size of government, they did nothing to expand our independance from foriegn oil (specifically by expanding out own production), clamp down on illegal immigration (on which they did nothing but throw money out there for a fence), and the list goes on.

So, in retaliation of not doing what those who voted for them expected them to do, they were punished. Plain, simple. You don't, at least, shouldn't, vote for someone just because they're the lesser evil as others have done on the other side. You either don't vote at all, or you turn, and stab them by voting for their opponent. Period.

Trust me that no Republican who did this is excited by the thought of Nanci Pelosi running anything, let alone the House. Nor do they look forward to tax cuts, that got this economy with all time record low unemployment at 4.4% and all time high stock indexes, being allowed to fade to oblivion. They don't look forward to endless petty investigation after investigation. They don't look forward to illegal immigrants being given legal status and anmesty as a fresh infusion of voters. They don't look forward to terrorists interested in murdering our citizens and bringing our country down being given constitutional rights and access to our legal system, which they most certainly do not deserve. They don't look forward to bigger increases in social spending that sends the poor these programs claim to serve ever deeper into despair, debt, and poverty (here's a grand idea, stop wasting billions a year on handouts and force those on the system to get an education of anykind, tradeschool, nail painting school, community college, ANYTHING, but FORCE them to do it if they want to get any medicaid/welfare them with the handouts on top of free education, until there done, then they won't need it anymore. THAT will help the poor.) And the list of unpleasantness that is to come will just keep going, but you get the point. They didn't vote Dem or not at all because they wanted these things, but because they wanted to make a point to those who betrayed their vote. At least, that's my point of view.
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