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College Republicans

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Welcome to College Republicans!

This community is intended to be a place for College Republicans to discuss current events and issues.

The rules are few, but important:
1) We have moderated membership - not because of censorship, but because this isn't intended to become a right vs. left battleground...
2) Per rule #1, please keep any debate lighthearted and only on platform differences. Again, this is not a place to argue right vs. left. If you're looking for a fight, please seek out a debate forum.
3) All members should feel comfortable posting and commenting here. This is a think tank for CR's - share your ideas and opinions, and play nice.
4) Liberals, and trolls of either political persuasion, are not welcome. This is a safe haven for our ideas. Again, find your fight elsewhere - we're on the same team.

I'm your humble moderator, missbabyblue, and I'm here to serve. Please feel free to come to me with any comments/suggestions/ideas. Otherwise, we'd love to have you in our community... And as an additional note: if you are not active in your CR's chapter, or perhaps don't have one available, but are still a college-age conservative - you are more than welcome to join.


As an afterthought, I decided to post an introductory questionairre for you to fill out and post upon membership approval. Please take a couple minutes to fill this out, and then post it as a comment here.

Grade level:
Involved in CR chapter (yes/no):
Involved in addtional conservative/Republican groups/projects (yes/no and please explain):
Your #1 political issue:
Anything else you want us to know:

Thanks for taking the time, guys!