LJ (missbabyblue) wrote in collegereps,

PSA: LJ/Ampd Mobile

If you've been on LJ for any length of time, you probably know the whole saga about ads/sponsored accounts/etc. If not, in summary: old LJ users remember the days when LJ swore there would never be ads. Now there are. And entire accounts paid for by corporate "sponsors," which are then used to promote movies/etc. Anyway.

One such account is for Ampd Mobile, which is the company that provides the LJ SMS service. Keep that in mind - the two are pretty inextricably linked now. The current LJ ad policy dictates that ad content must be appropriate for users of all ages. this excellent post chronicles the violations of said policy by Ampd Mobile.

Not only are the banner ads tasteless and suggestive, the Ampd page is currently featuring an embedded YouTube video that is at best really bad satire and at worst mature content and offensive.

I don't know why any conservative would pay for Ampd mobile service after they decided a good marketing ploy would be to use the same tired old omg!BUSH jokes in the same tired old video format. It's stupid, rather like their television commercials.

Anyway, consider this a PSA against both LJ and Ampd mobile. LJ continues to allow violations of its terms, that is when it's not violating them itself, and Ampd is a company that is using the LJ ad system to post tasteless political statements. If you disagree with either, I recommend you complain to both.
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